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Altium for SI – Any Good? Part III

man nov 07, 2011

As part of a series of real life simulations on a very simple part of a circuit I try to figure out just how useful Altium’s built-in signal integrity tool really is. The price is right, but is it up to the job?


Altium for SI – Any Good? Part II

ons nov 02, 2011

In part I of this series of comparisons I started my quest to figure out if Altium is any good for SI analysis. It’s clearly one of the cheapest tools out there that allows you to do IBIS model based simulations. Forgetting the price, can it get the job done?


Altium for SI – Any good?

lør okt 29, 2011

Is Altium any good for signal integrity simulations? A question I get asked a lot. The price is right – you basically get the SI simulator for free as part of the schematic/layout/mechanical etc. package.


Quick FPGA Timing Analysis Check – now for Xilinx

tors jul 14, 2011

We did a quick video introduction on how to check your timing constraints in Altera.


Quick FPGA Timing Analysis Check

tors jul 14, 2011

To achieve a good quality of a FPGA design – you need a good architecture, good RTL, pin-out files, and a flow and tool than can handle synthesis, place and route, bit file generation etc. One part of the design that in many cases is considered less important is timing constraining and timing analysis.


PDN Measurements Video

fre jun 24, 2011

How do you do validate bypass capacitor selection and effectiveness on the mounted PC board?


ZigBee, WiFi and Bluetooth

ons maj 11, 2011

The drive towards wireless devices and replacing cables with wireless connection has definitely increased the number of short range RF solutions being developed. It’s been the talk for a long time, but based on our experience from the designs we are involved in, this is very much the case now. (mere…)

Free transmission line loss calculator

ons apr 27, 2011

AWR have one of the nicer free transmission line calculators I have seen in a long time. Highly recommended. (mere…)

Testsystemer til elektronik produktion

ons okt 06, 2010

Vi er blevet lidt pjattede med Torolex – lad os bare indrømme det :-)

Torolex er en Farum virksomhed, som har specialiseret sig i at lave mekanik til test fixturer. Den slags, som passer rigtig godt til brug i produktionstest af et typisk dansk elektronikprodukt. (mere…)

Bluetooth: Med og uden godkendelse

man aug 30, 2010

Kommunikationsstandarder er fantastiske – det sikrer at vore devices kan tale med hinanden….. Intet nyt der. For især mindre projekter kan udfordringer og omkostninger til certificeringer, compliance testing og plug-fest være med til at spolere drømme om at lave det billige niche produkt.