Class: Windows Driver Development – Aug 23

lør jun 18, 2011 (Axcon)

Serious Windows device driver development from the ground up.

Windows by freestockimagesWe are doing it again! This class is for the serious developer, who wants to get up to speed and way ahead. As usual we bring in the experts to help you learn to develop better systems right here. Help all of us and take advantage of this – for yourself and for our industry :-)

Join this class and you will be able to tap years of experience and in-depth knowledge directly from Marcel, who spent the last 10+ years focussed on device drivers for Windows. Through this class you will lean the tips and tricks collected over many years and master first hand all the fundamentals of driver design both towards the operating system and interfaces to other drivers, applications, and hardware.

You will build your own driver as part of the class and will learn to be comfortable developing drivers for Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 and 2003. You will gain thorough knowledge about the device driver architecture of the Microsoft Windows operating systems and their kernel mode components. In addition to this you learn concepts and backgrounds of device driver development using the DDK and lots of practical tips and tricks.

Marcel is a very experienced designer with tons of experience in writing device drivers for Windows. His experience comes from development work and training for companies like Intel, Sony, Microsoft Hardware, Porche and our local B-K Medical.

The course is 4 days with hands on labs and practical examples, all in English.

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