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man jun 21, 2010 (Rolf)

Lee Ritchey is one of the industry legends on high speed design. I worked with Lee back 10 years ago at 3Com in Silicon Valley and have since had the pleasure of arranging a number of 3-day signal integrity courses with Lee in Denmark and Sweden.

The next training course we do with Lee Ritchey is in Stockholm November 24-26th, 2010.

One of the great things about doing these courses, is the positive feed-back from the engineers attending – I am simply stunned. This is a few examples, coming from people one to two years after the course (what courses have you taken, that make such an impact after two years?):

“Actually I find this course to be the best I ever attended ( I have been with the company for 42 years! ). At the same time it has proven very useful in our present situation in development of ultrasound scanners. Besides different levels of software and firmware, PCB’s are the only “components” that we design ourselves, and it has become of the utmost importance that we get the PCBs “right the first time”. Thanks to Lee for a great course.”


“Of all the courses, seminars and training sessions I have ever participated in, this is THE course that have provided me the best and most valuable knowledge. Lee Ritchey removes all the “noise” in your knowledge, and in a clear and precise way, shows how and why electronic circuits behaves the way they do. It is an eye-opener.”

Read more and sign up on the web – sooner better than later: www.axcon.dk/lee.

Now free

Well the course is not free, but get a great introduction to Lee Ritchey and the course in the video on this new website:


What is free, however is the download of the first of Lee’s two books, both titled “Right the First Time”!

Download the first book by Lee Ritchey for free.

This is an amazing great option, and the material is so much more useful in PDF format, where you can search explore right on the computer.

The book is almost identical to the real book, but with ads here and there to support the publication. I think this is a great way to get the information in the hands of more engineers, and I hope you will take the time to read it.

Going through the course with Lee Ritchey in person is obviously a different experience, but you should get a very good idea about what to expect from watching the video and reading this first really serious free ebook on signal integrity.

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  1. Mohanad added on 22. juni 2010


    en rigtig god nyhed, men hjemmesiden der er linket til, gør intet efter man har udfyldt alle felter for at downloade.

    Og jeg har prøvet både i Chrome, Firefox og Internet Explorer. Intet virker.

    Jeg har endda prøvet med forskellige email addresser.


  2. Rolf added on 22. juni 2010

    Mærkeligt… Det virkede fint for mig den 21/6-10… Måske skal du bare prøve igen senere.

  3. Mohanad added on 22. juni 2010

    Det virker nu….

    Mange tak for nyheden ihvertfald.


  4. Thomas Scherrer added on 21. marts 2011

    ignoring the table on page 410 is unreadable,
    due to too much pdf compression.

  5. Sverre Holdt added on 1. april 2011


    Det er jo intet mindre end fantastisk. Og så med inspiration fra Silvan – af alle steder.

    Så er der bare at få principperne griflet ned og bestille billetter til Stokholm først i december, så skulle den være hjemme.

    Et stort tillykke herfra :-)


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