Agile hardware development

tirs dec 01, 2009 (Anders Enggaard)

How can agile/lean methods be used to improve development methods for hardware development? How can we combine “first time right” design with the agile/lean methods so popular in software development to improve a hardware development process.

Yes, this post is in English, as we have a lot of international interest for this subject.

The fundamental issue is not much different between hardware and software – the specs done at the start of a project are either incomplete or will need change through the development process.

No big difference there.

Trying to trade some of the initial spec work for design work that helps us better meet the real end user expectations should be a good idea.

Hardware development normally results in physical parts, which does have real costs and manufacture time associated with them.  This is part of the challenge in applying agile methods to hardware development.

Anyhow – we recognize that agile development is main-stream in software today. So we are actively working to learn how to rethink that for hardware development. You can be part of that if you want – here are 3 things you can do:

1) Comment here and tell your story.

2) If in or near Denmark, join our “erfa-gruppe” on the subject.

3) Participate in the courses we do on the subject.

So is this subject of interest for further posts?


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